1956 Born in Zonguldak, where she completed her primary and high school education.
1973 Student at Ankara Technical Teacher Training College, Department of Painting.
1977 Painting teacher at Karadeniz Ereğli Girls Technical Vocational High School.
1978 Painting teacher at Zonguldak Central Secondary School.
1979 “Primary Art Education” Assistant at Ankara Technical Teacher Training College, Department of Painting.
1980 Life companionship with Fevzi Uslubaş. English proficiency from the State Language School.
1981 She was blessed with her first son, Göktuğ.
1982 Instructor at Ankara Technical Teacher Training College, Department of Painting.
1983 Cairo, Egypt (accompanying her husband on duty)
1984 Strasbourg, France
1985 She was blessed with her second son, Sinan.
1989 Back to Ankara, Turkey
1991 Burgas, Bulgaria
1993 Lisbon, Portugal
1995 Painting teacher at Bilkent Private High School, Ankara.
1996 Taught painting classes to adults for the benefit of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wives’ Association (1996-2001).
1998 Aleppo, Syria
1999 Taught Classic Hatha Yoga breathing and meditation techniques for the benefit of Turkish-Japanese Association Ankara.
1999 Initiation to Reiki, First Degree by Edith Günther in May.
1999 Initiation to Reiki, Second Degree by Horst Günther in October.
2000 Member of the Center for Spiritual Awareness in Lakemont, GA, USA (founded by Roy Eugene Davis).
2001 Kathmandu, Nepal – Meeting with Jagad Guru Gurudev Shree Sadhak Satyam.
2002 Formation of “Yoga Simurg,” a spiritual group studying Kriya Yoga and meditation. Group meditation, classical hatha yoga classes and nature treks for the well-being of the Whole. Supporting charity organizations within the Yoga Simurg activities. Karachi, Pakistan.
2002 Nine long trips to Nepal – meditative treks and introspection at higher altitudes in the Himalayas (2002-2011).
2005 Journey to Tibet. A 21-day intense meditative experience in Self-Knowledge.
2007 Initiation and authorization (diksha) by Gurudev Shree Sadhak Satyam (December 1).
2008 Visit to Roy Eugene Davis at the Center for Spiritual Awareness in Lakemont, GA, USA.
2009 Roy Eugene Davis’ visit to Ankara, during which he awarded Sabiha Betûl with a certificate of merit in recognition of her services on the path of Kriya Yoga meditation (April 29).
2009 Initiation to Reiki, Master Degree by Horst and Edith Günther and Certificate of Reiki Master (November 27).
2011 On 12 September 2011, Roy Eugene Davis, ordained Sabiha Betûl with the authority conferred upon him by Paramahansa Yogananda, to initiate sincere students who possess merit to represent the Patanjali Kriya Yoga tradition and teach Patanjali Kriya Yoga. Also, as the founder of CSA (the Center for Spiritual Awareness), Roy Eugene Davis appointed Sabiha Betûl as the Representative of CSA in Turkey. Sabiha Betûl is deeply grateful to have her spiritual master Roy Eugene Davis in her Life and is honored to be a Representative of the Center For Spiritual Awareness in Turkey.
2012 The Sabiha Betûl Center for Spiritual Awareness was founded.
2015 In addition to directing the Patanjali Kriya Yoga seminars, Sabiha Betûl carefully oversaw the translation into Turkish of 13 of Roy Eugene Davis’ books on Kriya Yoga philosophy in 2015, and these translations were published and distributed throughout Turkey.

Sabiha Betûl is currently guiding and inspiring sincere and determined persons on the spiritual path to learn and live the eight-limbed path of the wholesome Patanjali Kriya Yoga system. As part of this mission, she organizes group seminars on Patanjali Kriya Yoga philosophy and practice, and initiates those who are ready.

She also offers First and Second Degree Reiki seminars and initiations to willing participants.