Reiki; consists of the syllables Rei and ki.

Rei; is Universal Life Energy, Universal Essence, and the Eternal Source.

Ki; is our core energy; it is the energy that flows through every living being.

The universe is full of this intelligent and conscious energy that enlivens everything.

In the light of modern science, the conscious human being is now able to comprehend the eternal and perfect structure of the universe and the perfect communication network between different dimensions. With each passing day, human beings are awakening to the all-encompassing, directing and governing wholesome reality of the One Supreme Spirit, and witnessing the miracles that take place when they sincerely open themselves up to this Supreme Power.

Universal Life Energy, which has been called different names in different languages, is the One Eternal Source named “prana” in Sanskrit, “chi” in Chinese and “mana” in the Kahuna language. It has also been described as bio-energy, Light, Cosmic Power and Love.

Influenced by our sensory perceptions and external factors, we tend to focus only on material phenomena and restrict ourselves with the physical world. Within these restrictions, our capacity to relate to our True Source of Energy weakens and most of the time we are completely cut off from this Source. Upon realizing the importance of our connection with our True Source, we start searching for ways to reconnect.

The state of well-being and healing is a person’s physical, mental and spiritual harmony; the free flow and proper functioning of life energy at all levels. When this free flow of energy is blocked, the wholesome harmony of our body is disrupted and illnesses are inevitable. Hence the expression by healers, “Treat the patient, not the illness”.

It is possible for the human being to protect and support his naturally perfect condition by being aware of and living in accordance with natural laws. The strong energy transmissions during the Reiki initiations enable us to reconnect with the Divine Source.

With the natural Reiki method, it is possible to directly connect to the Divine Source and transfer the universal flow of energy with our palms, effective tools for the transmission. By consciously directing this energy, we can dissolve the energy blockages in our beings, harmonize our energies and have the chance to always be healthy and strong.

We can also heal others by using the Reiki method. As we open ourselves willingly to this infinite energy that constantly flows inside and around us, we strengthen its flow in us. When we apply Reiki healing regularly on ourselves and on our family members and friends, we support a healthy and balanced life. Anyone who really wishes to learn Reiki can do so.

As we gain more experience as a result of regular Reiki practice, our hands inform us about the condition of our health. By noticing and feeling the intensity of the energy flow in our hands, we receive information about our own bodies and the bodies of Reiki recipients, and we can keep our health under control.

As Reiki masters, during our Reiki seminars, we connect with the Divine Source in total submission and let Reiki flow through us freely. This energy flows to the recipients through our hands. In this way, the self-healing powers of the recipients are activated and their healing channels open up.

The person who gives Reiki treatment acts as a conduit of energy. The energy that flows through him/her strengthens him/her as well; no energy loss or fatigue is experienced. The amount of energy that is transmitted is determined according to the recipient’s need.

In the Usui Shiki Ryoho system, the ability to heal by Reiki is transmitted by a Reiki master educated in the tradition. In this system, there are three degrees: Reiki First Degree, Reiki Second Degree and Reiki Master/Teacher Degree. Reiki was transferred by Dr. Usui orally and real energy transmission is possible only by a living and properly initiated master in person by touch. During the First Degree seminars, the energy transmission is conducted by the Reiki master in four initiations. During this process, the recipient’s inner healing channels are cleared and harmonized with the Reiki energy. Healing and blessing take place on all levels and the recipient’s inner healing channels open. A cleansing process takes place on the physical, mental and spiritual levels, blockages dissolve, toxic materials are eliminated from the body and the healing power is activated.

By harmonizing the person on the physical, mental and spiritual levels, Reiki creates a wholesome effect, so many people experience spiritual growth after Reiki. Reiki participants often feel an intense flow of “unconditional love”.


Reiki First Degree seminar participants receive information on:

• A general introduction to Reiki,

• The history of Reiki,

• Basic theory,

• Hand positions and,

• Practicing Reiki on oneself,

In Reiki First Degree seminars, participants receive four energy transmissions from a certified Master.


In Reiki Second Degree seminars, there is one initiation. In order to receive it:

• The person should have received the four primary initiations in the Reiki First Degree seminars.

• There should be a three-month interval after the First Degree initiation.

• The person should have actively practiced Reiki First Degree in daily life and have gained an understanding of the process.

Reiki Second Degree is also called “Oku Den”, which means deep knowledge.
Reiki Second Degree is especially effective on our subtler bodies.
It starts a process of deep and serious spiritual growth.
It enables our powers of intuition to strengthen and our healing abilities to increase.

While Reiki First Degree mostly focuses on our physical body, Reiki Second Degree focuses on mental healing, distant healing and spiritual growth.

At the end of Reiki Second Degree seminars, participants acquire knowledge which enables them to give healing independent of time and place. With Reiki Second Degree, participants have the means to use the traditional symbols of Dr. Usui on the energy level.

The Reiki symbols are golden keys that open doors to healing, light and benevolence; they are bridges of unconditional love.

On the material planet, within our physical bodies, we need divine symbols to be able to communicate on deeper levels. If we were enlightened, we would not need these symbols. The symbols are bridges that enable us to connect with other, subtler levels even though we are in the physical body.

“For me, symbols are divine keys; that’s why I pay great attention when I use them. Before I start drawing the symbols, I pause for a few seconds and center myself. This is my concentration process, and it is extremely important because I am using a symbol, a key that dates back many years. This responsibility should be well understood. Please, when you draw your symbols, be present with all your being.”

Horst H. Günther – Reiki Master / Teacher

The information on these pages was compiled from:

“A Complete Book of Reiki Healing” by Brigitte Müller and Horst H. Günther Publisher: Life Rhythm and

“Reiki and Dynamic Rebirthing”by Horst H. Günther and Angelika Marche


Reiki was rediscovered towards the end of the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui in Kyoto, Japan.


Dr. Usui was asked by one of his students whether he believed in the contents of the Bible. Upon Usui’s positive response, the student asked the doctor to perform a healing miracle similar to the ones Christ performed in the Bible. This request led Dr. Usui to conduct a long and extensive research on how Jesus Christ had healed.

After years of study and research in the USA, Dr. Usui discovered that Lord Buddha and his disciples were healers as well. He went back to Japan to research Buddhist inscriptions. He continued his studies in a monastery outside Kyoto with the help of the high priest. Eventually, from ancient Sanskrit sutras belonging to an unknown disciple of Lord Buddha, he obtained information explaining how and with which symbols Buddha used to heal. However, when he tried to put this information into practice, he failed, and realized that without the gift of healing, only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient.

He ascended sacred Mt. Kurama to pray. After a fast of 21 days, he started a period of meditation. At the end of the 21st day, just before dawn, he surrendered to a light approaching him from within the darkness, and this light hit him right on his forehead. He went into a trance-like state and saw many bubbles in the colors of the rainbow. Among these colorful bubbles, there were also white bubbles with golden letters in them. These were the writings Dr. Usui had previously seen in the Sanskrit Sutras. Each of these golden bubbles stood still in front of his third eye until all the information and energy was transmitted to him. At last, the secret that Dr. Usui had been working on for years was revealed to him.

Dr. Usui called this power Universal Life Energy (Reiki).

Hence, the Usui system of natural healing began.

By practicing his gift of healing, Dr. Usui traveled around Tokyo, healed many sick people in poor neighborhoods and helped beggars to recover and work again. However, when he returned to the same neighborhood later, he saw that the people he had healed were again sick and begging in the streets, which upset him tremendously. He tried to understand the reason by talking to some of these people. He understood that these people were unable to feel grateful for healing and for life, and it was easier for them to passively sit in their sick bodies and beg for food. He realized that he must instill in them a feeling of GRATITUDE as well.

For true healing to take place, in his teaching Dr. Usui highlighted the importance of changing the thought patterns as the physical body is healing. He aimed to constitute Reiki rules for life in order to train people to have a positive outlook on life and change their thought patterns. In the years that followed, he continued traveling all around Japan helping and healing many people.


• Just for today, do not be angry.
• Just for today, do not worry.
• Feel grateful for infinite prosperity.
• Earn your living honestly.
• Treat your neighbors well.

 Brigitte Müller and Horst H. Günther have adapted these rules as follows:

• Just for today, be free and happy.
• Just for today, be joyful.
• Just for today, you are protected.
• Live the moment consciously.
• Accept the blessings gratefully.
• Respect your family, teachers and elders.
• Earn your living honestly.
• Love others as you love yourself.
• Be grateful for everything and show compassion to all beings.


Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a retired naval officer, is one of the prominent students of Dr. Usui, who entrusted his Reiki teaching to Dr. Hayashi towards the end of his life. Dr. Hayashi continued the teaching and gave initiations. He also established a Reiki Healing Clinic in Tokyo, where patients can learn about Reiki as well as receive treatment. Dr. Hayashi’s drawings, in which he demonstrated how Reiki affects the body, have been preserved until the present day.

Dr. Hayashi trained thirteen Reiki masters, one of whom is Hawayo Takata. He thus paved the way towards new generations in the Reiki tradition.


Hawayo Takata traveled to Tokyo from Hawaii in 1935 to be operated on for a brain tumor. A short while before the surgery, her inner voice told her that this operation was not necessary. Mrs. Takata shared this insight with her doctor, and upon the advice of the doctor’s sister, got in touch with Dr. Hayashi’s clinic. For months, she received only Reiki treatment in Dr. Hayashi’s clinic. After the treatment, her tumor disappeared completely. Deeply grateful, Mrs. Takata wished to learn this healing method. She received Reiki First Degree initiation from Dr. Hayashi.

After she gained experience by treating many patients in and outside of the clinic, Dr. Hayashi initiated her to Reiki Second Degree prior to her return to Hawaii in 1937. Before his death in 1947, Dr. Hayashi authorized Mrs. Takata to train and initiate Reiki masters. Mrs. Takata returned to Hawaii with this wonderful gift. For many years, she healed a great number of people in the Hawaiian Islands and taught them the Reiki method. Having gained a reputation as a healer, she was allowed to practice Reiki in a Honolulu clinic.

Mrs. Takata educated twenty-two Reiki masters until her death in 1980. One of these masters is her granddaughter Phyllis Lei Furumoto. Before her death in December 1980, Mrs. Takata ordained Phyllis Furumoto and Dr. Barbara Weber to initiate Reiki masters. Phyllis Furumoto and Dr. Weber both have a certified seal of this ordainment.



Phyllis Furumoto undertook the mission of being the master after Mrs. Takata’s death. She is the founder of “The Reiki Alliance” and she has directed it for years. She currently lives in the USA and teaches worldwide. She initiated Brigitte Müller in January 1983 in Canada, and Horst H. Günther in 1985 in the USA, as the first Reiki Masters in Europe and in Germany.


Horst and Edith Günther have dedicated their lives to the service of Reiki for over twenty-five years. They have given Reiki seminars and initiations in Europe, the USA, Canada, Russia and especially in Turkey, and they continue to do so with love and dedication. Through their beings filled with unconditional love, they provide perfect models of harmony, peace and success. Their contributions towards the recognition and spread of Reiki in Turkey have been irreplaceable. Horst and Edith Günther’s books translated and published in Turkish are invaluable sources of information for the Turkish people.

Reiki and a Healthy Life
Edith Günther – Michele Woeller – Horst H. Günther
Ege Meta Publishings – January 2000

REİKİ – Applied Treatment Techniques
Brigitte Müller – Horst H. Günther
Ege Meta Publishings – January 2002

Reiki and Dynamic Rebirthing – Two Paths to a Cure
Horst H. Günther – Angelika Marche
Remzi Bookstore – 2006
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Sabiha Betûl received Reiki First Degree initiation from Edith Günther in May 1999 and Reiki Second Degree initiation from Horst H. Günther in October 1999. She was initiated as an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master by Horst and Edith Günther on November 27, 2009. She is the sixth representative on the traditional Master lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Furumoto and Edith-Horst H. Günther.

She gives two-day (Saturday & Sunday) Reiki First and Second Degree seminars and initiations to those who are willing to be initiated to Reiki.

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